We envision a brighter future

An estimated 350 million people worldwide struggle with rare diseases, but only about 5% of those diseases have therapies available for their treatment. The development of these treatments –sometimes called “orphan drugs” –face special challenges. Due to the infrequency of patients presenting with these conditions, there is often a lack of understanding and experience within the medical community about managing and treating them. Additionally, drug development costs may lead to funding challenges in the efforts to bring effective therapies to these small patient populations. Unfortunately, this often leads to many individuals with rare diseases finding effective treatments simply unavailable.

Each patient with a rare disease is a patient who needs to be heard and who deserves to be treated. And that is why Saol Therapeutics exists. We bring therapies for these serious and often life-threatening conditions to market -and to the life of the patient who desperately needs it.

Addressing the needs of patients with rare diseases and underserved neurological conditions are our passion and focus at Saol. Supporting patients with high unmet needs by offering promising treatment options is what drives us.

Our investors share our commitment to addressing these unmet needs. Because of this, we can respond to opportunities nimbly and make quick strategic decisions that will bring value to patients, providers and our company.

Helping patients who suffer from rare diseases and those dealing with CNS conditions, utilizing our expertise to potentially improve their lives in some way, is our shared purpose at Saol and that which inspires us each and every day.