Experienced guidance in governance

Virinder Nohria, MD, PhD (Chairman)

Dr. Nohria is an experienced biotechnology entrepreneur and drug developer with a track record of success in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Dr. Nohria is a board-certified neurologist with special qualification in child neurology. Dr. Nohria co-founded Vidara Therapeutics in 2011 and most recently served as its President and Chief Medical Officer. In the past, Dr. Nohria was part of the founding team of Alaven Pharmaceutical and Alaven Consumer Health LLC and served as its Chief Medical Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Executive Vice President from 2008 until its sale to Meda Pharma in October 2010. Additionally, Dr. Nohria worked for Eli Lilly on Zyprexa and at UCB, where he was clinical lead for submission and commercialization of Keppra in the United States. Between 2003 and 2005, he was Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Xcel Pharmaceuticals where he led development of Retigabine (ezogabine) for the treatment of epilepsy. In addition to Saol Therapeutics, Dr. Nohria currently sits on the board of directors of Horizon Pharma plc and Sebela Pharmaceuticals, while also serving as the Executive Chairman of Meridian Research Inc.  Dr. Nohria’s medical training was conducted at the University of Cambridge in England. His postgraduate training was completed in the United Kingdom and the United States at Duke University. He also holds a Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology and has authored many publications and book chapters.

John Devane, PhD (Chief Scientific Advisor)

Dr. Devane currently serves as Chief Scientific Advisor and board member to Saol Therapeutics. He is also a board member of Sebela Pharmaceuticals and is an advisor to Avego Healthcare Capital. Previously, Dr. Devane was Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) with Horizon Pharma Ireland Ltd. and (2012-2014) served as CSO to Vidara Therapeutics Research Ltd.  In the past, Dr. Devane was part of the founding team of AGI Therapeutics plc. and served as its CEO from 2004-2012.  Additionally, Dr. Devane founded and led Athpharma Ltd. as CEO from 2002-2005.  Dr. Devane worked for Elan Corporation from 1981 to 2001 and held various senior leadership positions, including Executive Vice President R&D (1993-2001) and Senior Vice President Clinical & Regulatory, where he led key clinical trial programs in the USA and negotiated NDA approvals directly with FDA.  During the period 1990 to 2001, Dr. Devane and his team were responsible for 6 NDA and 3 ANDA approvals. Dr. Devane has had a long career designing and successfully delivering major product development programs spanning the full range of drug development.  He has a deep knowledge in pharmacology, drug delivery, clinical development, regulatory affairs and intellectual property.  Dr. Devane is the inventor/co-inventor on many granted and pending patent applications and has also been widely published in the scientific/medical literature.  His graduate and post-graduate scientific training was conducted at University College in Dublin, Ireland.  He holds a diploma in Accounting & Finance (ACCA) and is a certificate/diploma holder from the Institute of Directors (UK).

James Flexner

James Flexner is a Partner at Avego Healthcare Capital, based in New York, NY.  Prior to joining Avego, he was an investment professional with Metalmark Capital, where he focused on leveraged buyout transactions across multiple industries. Mr. Flexner began his career as an investment banker in the Global Healthcare Group at Morgan Stanley, where he executed multiple transactions across the life sciences and healthcare services industries. Mr. Flexner graduated from Dartmouth College with a BA degree in Economics and Chemistry.

Thomas Vandervort

Mr. Vandervort is a Partner at Avego Healthcare Capital, based in Atlanta, GA.  His background ranges from numerous positions in the pharmaceutical services industry including the 3PL DDN Pharmaceutical Logistics and the ultra-orphan drug specialty pharmacy Centric Health Resources to leadership roles in business development for West-Ward Pharmaceuticals and IGI Laboratories (now Teligent, Inc.).  As a sales leader for DDN and Centric, Mr. Vandervort built a brand for each company as the service provider of choice, as seen in the rapid growth in new clients and profitability for both companies.  Mr. Vandervort ran M&A for West-Ward and was part of the team that acquired Baxter’s multi-source injectable business as well as numerous products that expanded West-Ward’s R&D portfolio to include NDAs as well as paragraph IV challenges.  With IGI laboratories, Mr. Vandervort led multiple M&A transactions, including deals with Valeant and Concordia as well as the acquisition of the Canadian generic injectable company, Alveda Pharma, Inc.  Mr. Vandervort has a BA from Bethany College in Bethany, WV and an MA from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

DeVer F. Warner

DeVer is currently a Principal at DFW Capital Partners, which he joined in 2011 as an Associate.  Prior to joining DFW, DeVer was an Analyst at Centripetal Capital Partners, a Connecticut-based growth capital firm investing in lower middle-market service and technology companies.  DeVer received a B.A. in Economics from Union College and an MBA from The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.